Tips, suggestions and small stories…

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Small stories

1. Arborio rice and Piedmontese wines

The Arborio rice is one of the stellar worldwide products, harvested in beautiful Piedmont region (North-West of Italy),where rolling hills producing Barolo and Barbaresco wines, join large rice plains, filled with warm watery fields growing Arborio Vialone rice.
Just a short trip will let you arrive to Alba, with its unique in the world White Truffles, so incredibly precious and expensive, or to the hazelnuts woods and Turin, where Krumiri and Gianduiotti (“deliziosi cioccolatini alle nocciole” (hazelnuts chocolates) are lovingly made to be enjoyed by all of us….

Tips, suggestions

1. Risotto the important tips

Risotto: equal slow cooking, nurtured with care for 20/25 minutes
– we only use a wooden spoon to turn risotto it is firm enough but soft on the grains
– your broth should be tasty but not too salty or strong flavored
– timing is essential, cooking time adding condiments, like spices and the final cheese flavors melt.
– do not cover your risotto while cooking
– keep an eye on it all the time as all good things need love!!

2. Lemon mint yogurt sauce with a french twist

A Dijon mustard would be too ‘lumpy’ for this recipe, use a smoothier one like a Heinz.

I prefer a liquid yogurt, a greek one is very compact, it ‘s a choice. But if you use a greek one, add some more mayo  and a touch of olive oil.

3. Black Truffle salt

The black summer or winter truffle salt is the one to use in this recipe.
A friend of mine produces a wonderful black truffle, pure sea salt, with a light earthy tasty flavor.

You can find it in speciality markets, it will last you a long time!!

4. My suggestions for the Peperonata

When served with pasta, simply add 1/2 or 2/3 of cup of a good store bought tomato sauce, combine together, heat up few minutes, serve over fusilli or penne pasta, sprinkle grated pecorino or Parmesan, fresh torn basil leaves, enjoy it!

> for hot version sprinkle some Red paprika, when heating the mix.

When served with sausage, I grill a mix of hot and mild Italian sausage and serve it on the side.

With eggs Spray organic olive oil in a skillet,scramble your eggs at your taste, salt and pepper, add some chopped ham pieces and a spoon around 1 or 2 spoons of peperonata, heat some more and serve.

5. Involtini. How make it right?

You really need veal scalloppini or chicken breasts, flattened slowly with a pounder.
Take the necessary cooking time, meat has to brown, but once again slowly without burning onions and pancetta.

Add liquids wine and/or broth, by steps, twice when the meat scrapings and juices are starting dry brown – same for the whipping cream.

6. Black Cherry Clafoutis…

Very Important
The oven shall be warm enough – 375 degrees for conventional oven – so that the batter bakes equally on bottom and top and does not fall apart on the bottom.

7. Zesty fabulous lemon pappardelle Tips

– Why we roll the lemons to get the most of juices out?

If you roll the lemon on your kitchen slab applying a pressure with your palm it will helps in breaking down some of the fibers and the juice squeezes out more freely when you cut it. If do not use organic lemons wash it carefully and pat it dry before you roll it and cut it.
A chef’s trick is to cut the lemon in half , cup your hand while you squeeze it with the other hand to catch the seeds with the cupped hand.

– Grilling or bake pancetta slices in the oven?

In this way, much of the fat will drop on the plate and when ready , out of the oven, you can place it on towel paper, it will be crispier and much lighter .
Read more:

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8. La Milanese – Tips

Press it gently but firmly!! It will make the crust perfect:a golden brown on each side!

Buon Appettito!!!

9. Warm Peaches ‘alla Monferrina’, with amaretti and chocolate stuffing – Tips

For successful warm peaches, choose some good Georgia peaches like in the picture below, and prepare as shown here … have a real feast!

10. Two suggestions or three for Gnocchetti con Pesto alla Genovese

Everything should be room temperature. For best success make it by steps. Il Pesto can be preserved for a week in container in the refrigerator. In a blender : Proceed in two steps, first a batch of garlic gloves, half of basil leaves, some olive oil drops, half of pinoli and salt; pulse till pesto is smooth but with small pieces. Add the remaining ingredients and pulse again.

Italian Garden fragrance and flavors on your plate!
Buono Buono! Arrivederci

.Le Roquefort

Roquefort, produced in South of France and of AOC ( Appelation d’ Origine Controlee) is one of  the four  best bleu cheese in the world.

Legend has it that the cheese was discovered when a youth, eating his lunch of bread and ewes’ milk cheese, saw a beautiful girl in the distance. Abandoning his meal in a nearby cave, he ran to meet her. When he returned a few months later, the mold (Penicillium roqueforti) had transformed his plain cheese into Roquef ( source Wikipedia).

The mild, smoky but still tangy flavors of Roquefort are unique and appreciated all over the world.

.Le Comté

This cheese is called Comté from his region of origins, La Franche Comté. The first productions of Comté can be traced back to 8 centuries ago.

Le Comté (or gruyère de Comté) was born at an ancient time, when people had to regroup to sustain themselves and confront the hardships of long difficult winters.

They discovered that dry and hard cheeses could travel better and be traded easier. So, producers came to regroup as co-ops called fruitieres. About 500 liters of milk are necessary for only one production of cheese. That is why all producers got together then. Their values of solidarity continue today since centuries.

Already since 1264 -1280, big hard cheeses were found on the trade and on open markets in France.The actual recipe of Comté as it is today, it is inspired from the Gruyere recipe, that was brought early XVII century, in Franche Comté as in the Jura region.

11. Chicken cordon bleu step by step

1. Pound chicken breasts

2. Add Hamm and Swiss Cheese

3. Carefully roll it together, fix with toothpicks

4. Dredge slowly into egg wash and breadcrumbs

5. Ready to become golden brown into the oven

And Done!

12. Chicken/Veal marsala sauce step by step

Step 1 to 5

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